#TheCabin Mobile

The definitive iPhone app for #TheCabin. Use #TheCabin Mobile to quickly join the channel for the best chat on the internet, share images instantly, "check in" to share what you're up to with your friends, or browse the vast world of #TheCabin online.

  • #TheCabin's mobile client is an iPhone Application build for two reasons 1) To allow brand new people a quick way to join the IRC channel without worrying about servers or what software to use and 2) To give people who frequent the channel features and functionality that are useful to them.
  • Status: Version 2 is a complete native iPhone rewrite launched in December 2012.   Version 1 was a hybrid application primarily written in Javascript.
  • Change log

      2.0.1 200130106

      • -Push notifications to let you know when someone mentions you or when people join #TheCabin so you can drop by to chat with your friends! 
      • -Bug fixes. 

        -Join the chat even faster. 

        -Text to speech! Put your phone down and listen when reading isn't convenient.