Longtail Music

Longtail Music was a loosely connected network of independent internet radio stations where each station is independently run and managed, allowing for a wide variety of content and style.

In a world of algorithmically generated on-demand streaming products, sponsored playlists and an overabundance of Top 40 music videos flooding the social networks it’s time to find another approach to finding unique music that you’ll love.

There is an entire community of live stations, each with their own deep knowledge of a specific slice of music who are sharing their music tastes, recommendations and content 24/7. This service they provide is underrated and underappreciated. While they’re digging out the deep cuts everyone is heading to Spotify to play the same Drake song over and over.

These music experts are offering you your next favorite song, the discovery of a long lost artist, and insights of superstars to come. All for free.