Shelter in Place at the Bat Station Mix

This is the first time I did a public live stream on The Bat Station. A handful of people tuned in and it was pretty cool. I figured if it all fell apart I could just not share the recording, but it turned out ok.

I’m still not great a this whole mixing thing, but I’m getting better, and it’s fun to share this new hobby and show you all my progress!

This time I wanted to only do a mix with songs I’ve purchased directly, and not using any streaming services. It has a fun mix of harder EBM feeling stuff, some more minimal techno and some psytrance jams.


  • Dicepeople - Destroyed
  • CONFORMCO - time to conform
  • Matt Ess, Lucas Writh - I Like it Harder
  • klack - Distancing
  • Xenex - Cypher
  • HRD.303 - Dilligent
  • Stornface & Terminal - Stuck in a Loop
  • Battle Royale - 130bpm Loop
  • Front Line Assembly - Domination (Unleashed) (Remixed by Rhys Fulber)
  • Konstructor - Industrial Junglism
  • Freaky Mind - Downs and Downs
  • The Japanese Popstars - Falcon Punch
  • Arctor - Sucker Born
  • HS & Isaigh - Breton
  • INHALT - Language (Rhys Fulber Remix)
  • Vain Machine - Exposed
  • Nicone - Acid Riot (Pan/Tone Remix)
  • Heisenberg - Friendship
  • Shadown Chronicles - The Matrix (Protonica Remix)

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Gabe Kangas

Apr 24, 2020