Stuff I'd like to do in 2013

I'm not a fan of New Years resolutions, but there are some things I'd like to do in this next year.  All very doable things, but if you think that in any way you'd be able to help with any of them I'd certainly be up for pointers!

  1. Contribute to an open source project that focuses on a) mobile and b) something I care about.  (Note: I checked out the Colloquy source last night and started looking at their bug list to see if I could help with anything).
  2. Find musical performance opportunities.  Particularly I'd like to find a way to drum. Obviously I can't have a drum set in my apartment for a number of reasons, but there must be some kind of drumset co-op or open-drum night somewhere?
  3. Write an Android application.  At the moment my plan is to finish #TheCabin Mobile 2.0 for iOS and then port it to Android.
  4. Find a way to be a part of the tech community here.  It's been near impossible working in Burlingame long hours to make events in SF that I really want to be able to get to.  I'm missing out.  Maybe also find a coworking location that is open nights and weekends that I can hang out at.

All accomplishable things that really have nothing to do with the new year, just things I've been wanting to do and now is as good of a time as any to write them down!

Happy New Year, friends.