Radvent Dec 3 - Sexy notes to yourself

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Write a letter of love to yourself to read again in one year. And then some stuff that has to do with getting away from the computer.

If you haven't noticed, I'm going to ignore the parts of this project that deals with getting away from the computer and doing things.  That's not really my jam.  Journal, stamps, special pens, beautiful paper, stickers, glue, etc... not things I own.  I write with the tool I'm using right now.  Little buttons and a little screen.  I'm not much for using a pen or paper.  It bugs me enough that I have to sign credit card receipts.  Can't you scan my retina or something?  It's 2010, at least pretend that we're evolved beings.

Anyway.  I think I'll do this one.  I'll write a love letter to myself later today.  I'll save it as a private post here on my blog, and in a year I'll read it again.  Maybe even let you read it too.

A love letter to myself.  This is going to be hot.  Dirty boy.