#TheCabin Mobile for IPhone

I've always said if I took all the time and effort I spent into side projects and spent them on something else I'd have a lot of cool other things.  But I've spent some nights and weekends working on this new little app, my first submission to the iTunes App Store.  (Approved in 8 days, FYI) As some of you may know, for the past 15 years I've been helping manage an internet relay chat (IRC) channel I started called #TheCabin. Recently I finished up an app called #TheCabin Mobile for iOS.

The project, as most of my projects are, was to create something to do the things I couldn't do easily before.

The first feature I really wanted: Easy sharing of photos directly to the channel. Previously in order to share a photo I'd do the following: * Open up the camera app * Take a photo * Open up dropbox or CloudApp * Upload the photo to a public place, copy the URL of the image * Open the IRC client * Paste the URL into the channe.

Now within the app there are two options: Take new photo, use old photo. You select one, type something about it, and off it goes for all your (my) friends to enjoy. I already find myself using and loving it.

Of course I had to integrate a quick way to jump directly into the channel. Most of us hardcore cabiners (those who hang out there) already have our multitudes of mobile IRC options, but I wanted something for a first timer, just downloading the app from the app store, to jump into the channel as easy as possible. To do this I use a few different web based IRC clients. None of them are perfect, unfortunately, so that one that's best for you at the time can be selected from the options in the app.

It lists on the main screen who's currently in the channel, and you can view Tweets/Facebook updates from cabiners who've been posting.  You're also one tap away from reading #TheCabin Wiki (the r33tipedia).

So is this app for everyone?  Or anyone but me?  Probably not.  But it's up on the iTunes App Store if you want to come hang out with my friends and I.  I don't recommend it.

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Gabe Kangas

Sep 18, 2010