Gabe Kangas Association for Awesome Is Proud to Sponsor Omaha Bar Camp 2009

The Gabe Kangas Association For Awesomeness The Gabe Kangas Association for Awesome (GKAFA) is proud to announce they will be sponsoring this year's Omaha Bar Camp.

As you may know The Gabe Kangas Association for Awesome is the branch of Gabe Kangas who's goal is to spread awesome both in local and remote markets.  When the opportunity arose to take part this year team awesome jumped at the opportunity.

GKAFA has a long history of spreading awesome via sponsorships.  You may recall the time the organization left change in the "give a penny/take a penny" jar at the gas station, or the infamous "let me buy you a coffee"  event of 2003.

Tickets are going fast, so make sure to head over to the Omaha Bar Camp page and pick one up for the almost nothing price of $5.  This includes a T-Shirt and Brain Toniq thanks to Ninth Divison.

The Gabe Kangas Association for Awesome is very excited to be a part of this year's Bar Camp and can't wait to see all of you there.

Talk to you soon, Gabe Kangas Chief Awesome, GKAFA.

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Gabe Kangas

Sep 17, 2009