A New Social Experiment

If you remember back I recently had #TweetDinner.  Where people a web site decided who  my "closest friends" were all got together for dinner and hung out.  It was a good time, I consider it a success.  It doesn't hurt that they were cool people. So I think it's time for a new social experiment.

Currently I follow 340 people on Twitter.  Some of them are automated entertainment sources, many of them are out of the area.  So that leaves a good chunk of them as local Omahans.

I'm going to select people, at random, and ask them to hang out.  A drink, dinner, lunch, something.  My guess is many of them will decline, since this is admittedly pretty creepy.  But maybe a few will go along with this crazy idea, and maybe even have a good time.

So some stipulations: If it's already a close friend of mine I'll select someone else.  If it's someone that's not local I'll select someone else.  If they decline I'll select someone else.  If it's not someone who follows me I'll select someone else too.  If they don't know who I am, I doubt they'll want to hang out.

After each outing, I'll vaguely blog about the experience here and post a picture or something.

I'll probably start next week, as I don't have a system in place to select a completely random Twitter user that I follow yet.  Stay tuned.

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Gabe Kangas

Aug 13, 2009