Seattle Trip Recap

I had a nice trip to Seattle last week.  It was really for work purposes, they were sending me to F5 LTM training, but I knew I'd be able to make it into a fun vacation as well.  I had no plans when going there, but that rarely stops me from having a good time. Thanks to Twitter, and my blog, you're able to see a step by step recap of my whole trip by accessing my Twitter archive page for the week.  It's really pretty cool, check it out!

I did the tourist thing, went up into the Space Needle, but that's kind of where that ended.

I hung out with @dtorgerson and had some drinks.  We chatted about some of our ideas we're working on, and he's doing some great stuff.  Really exciting.  He also was kind enough to give me a ride over to the Sunset Tavern as I had planned on seeing Mark Mallman that night there.  Mallman puts on a great show, so I was excited to see him again.

Spent that night at the Sunset and talked to some pretty cool people.  A girl I met, Betty, wanted me to email her the photos I took. Plus it's always fun to try the local brews of the area :)

Then I talked to @zria and she told me about the Capitol Hill Block Party, a music festival going on.  So Friday night I went there and met up with her.  The block party was pretty sweet.  Lots of great music and I got to mingle with my type of people.  The local music crowd.  Afterward she gave me a tour of the Capitol Hill area and then brought me to Shorty's.  A bar that has a room full of awesome pinball machines.  It was a really great time.

The next day she brought me to Pike Place Market and I saw some dudes throw fish around.  We ate over a place overlooking the market, and got some yummy coffee.  We hung out in a cool local record store in the Queen Anne hood and later got pizza there.

There was a lot of neat stuff that I saw when there.  The first Starbucks, so much good coffee, little stores and restaraunts, you get the idea.  Typical local stuff in a big city.  But I was lucky to time the trip around the block party and be able to see a lot of music when I was there.  Built to Spill and Deerhunter were performing as well as local bands I never would have heard of otherwise.  Very cool.

As I was there for work purposes,  I had class Tues-Fri, 8-5.  It was a really good class, but I did fly through it.  I came off as the "know it all" in the class and people gave me dirty looks.  Oh well.  It gave me a chance to work with a couple instructors and talk about things that I do and would like to do with their products and really get an insight into the company.  Very worthwhile, F5 does very well with their training.

I put a photo set up on Flickr of all the photos I took on the trip, so check it out if you're at all interested.  Some neat stuff.

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Jul 30, 2009