Mourning the Loss of an Office

Yesterday it was announced that the office I used to work at in Chicago, and who many still work at will be closing at the end of October. I understand that business is business, but these are my friends.  Friends that believed my company when they acquired it a couple years ago and said "this office and everyone in it is going nowhere.  We value the employees here and we're keeping this Chicago office."  Instead they wake up yesterday to find that most are going to be unemployed, and a select few will get offers to move to Omaha in order to keep their position.

It sounds like everyone is taking it well, but I'm upset.

It weighs heavy on me because I left them 8 months ago on my own Omaha journey.  I feel like I should be there with them right now.  That if the ship I helped build was going down, I should be going down with it.

But I guess that's why I left in the first place.  I saw how things were going, and I didn't want to be a part of where it was to end up.  Nobody knew it would be a complete shutdown, but I doubt anyone is exactly surprised either.

All this so some executive can receive a larger bonus and a pat on the back from the board members.  It makes me sick.

My thoughts are with my friends.  I wish there was something I could do.

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Gabe Kangas

Jul 9, 2009