Making a Leap

I'm going to be a real ass-hat with this post, and I apologize.  I'm not going to tell any details, but instead I'm just going to type and you can be annoyed afterwards. I've been working on a project.  And at first I thought it was going to go one direction, but then I decided to take it a different direction in my execution of it.

Previous projects I've worked on usually have a life cycle that includes me wanting to build something, I work a lot in all of my spare time on it, putting out a version, and then being drained from my "day job" and unable to continue to work on it anymore.  So it runs in the stable, initial state.  While getting a v1 product out the door is always a good thing, I consistently insult every idea I've ever had because things can go farther.  I'm the only limitation.

There's never really a "perfect time" for a lot of things, so instead I took the thoughts and feelings I have for what I'm currently doing as inspiration to take a different route.  A simple "Would you like change?  Then make choices that create change" kind of thing.  We'll see what happens.

I'll have something cool tomorrow to show everyone, but that has nothing to do with this stuff.

Gabe Kangas

Jul 15, 2009