Closest Friends of Gabe #Tweetdinner

I'm certainly on a kick lately of wanting to take part in some social experimentation.  So when this idea came to mind, I couldn't pass it up. The other day I jumped on a new Tweeter stats type thing.  There's hundreds of them.  This one is  After it analyzed my online social circle it determined who my "closest friends" were.  Although all awesome people, they're not the people I've spent the most time with.  But I guess in the twitter world it meant that we had the most to/from conversations.

This list turned out to be @nickashley, @kfred85 and @scoutdrygoods.

So I figured if a web service has the balls to tell me who my closest friends are... then I'll go for it.  I asked them all to dinner.  For some reason they all liked the idea and this Sunday we have the first computer generated guest list to a dinner. So what happens if a computer tells you who you should hang out with, and then get them all together?

Nick Katie Kelly

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Gabe Kangas

Jun 8, 2009