Six Months of Being an Omahan ( #Bigomaha )

So this week marks six months of living in Omaha. I can't help but look back to a simple blog post I made on August 1st, 2008. I wrote "Do I want to move to Omaha? Not really." Now flash forward to May 2009 where my journey in Omaha has so little to do with the reason I came here in the first place.

It's mostly about the people for me. From the second I stepped foot on Omaha's soil it's been a non-stop experience of meeting the greatest people ever.

  • I land in October, to visit. I immediately get a text message from Jess, "Welcome to Omaha." From that moment I never felt more welcome somewhere.
  • A couple days later Jillian helps me find a place to live in Dundee.
  • Boutcher introduces me to everyone at the office and invites me to a party thrown by Phil.
  • I meet Kat for coffee and I'm glad to know someone who wants to talk geekery with me. She introduces me to drag queens.
  • I meet Cassie who shows me how the city likes to have fun and in turn I get to show her how Chicago does when we visit my friends there.
  • At my first Tweetup I introduce myself to the infamous KT, who has since become a very close friend and a source of inspiration both socially and professionally.
  • Andrea becomes my partner in crime any time either of us want to go out, or there's a show.
  • I meet Dusty and Jeff who show me that I can be a part of something in Omaha that would never be possible in Chicago.
  • Becoming friends with Christin makes me realize that I can share things and be important to someone else's life just like so many have become important to mine.
  • I learn when I go out with Terah, Bree, and Valerie there's going to be some awesome tunes played on the jukebox. We'll sing "Tom Sawyer" multiple times.
  • I become a real part of a neighborhood. Knowing if I go to "my bar", The 49r, I'll see people I recognize.
  • Krin sucks because she moved to Chicago. Wish she could have stuck around longer.
  • In no other world would Schaft, otherwise just "the bartender", be a friend of mine outside of a pint of Boulevard.
  • I can walk to "my coffee shop" and see that Megan is just down the street. I can go say hi and share some ice cream and conversation.
  • Brian shows me how fun and awkward it could be for a few guys who have no clue what they're doing to throw themselves into the public promotions game.
  • Dave and Matt help me debug issues with my web site on IRC. The difference here is I know I'll see them in a couple days and I'll buy them a beer to thank them.
  • BigOmaha

There's so many other people, places, and experiences that I'm missing. But this isn't meant to be some kind of all encompassing list of everyone that I know. Just a snapshot of some really important people that have made the six months probably the best six months of my life.

Thanks, Omaha.

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May 6, 2009