How to Communicate, by Gary Vaynerchuk

What great conversation between Gary Vaynerchuk, the internet and I today.  There's something invigorating about a really constructive conversation where you come out of it feeling better about the topic than when you went in.  While it's a great business and brand technique, the world would in general be a much better place if it happened more often. Gary reached out to me after reading my blog post that I had Alex (@alexpgates) check out, and wanted to clear up any miscommunication with me, and everyone else on how he's seen or interpreted.

I probably came off harsh on my post.  Few can deny that Gary is not only a very talented salesman of wine, but also a successful brand consultant and inspiring speaker.  While his ideas are great, and probably very likely to succeed, if you're watching his video, and you have ideas yourself... yours probably are great as well.  I promise I'll take my own advice someday soon :)

Thanks Gary, you're a good guy.  And that's meant outside of any speaker/consultant/expert role that you fill.  Being a good person will always be what matters in the end.

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Gabe Kangas

May 15, 2009