Breaking News: Big Omaha Proves How Awesome Gabe Is

Big Omaha is a success.  No doubt.  The friendships that were built, the inspiration that filled multiple venues.  It's a story that will be retold many times for the next year.  But the real story took place online yesterday, when it was discussed how really awesome I am. Names hidden to protect the innocent.

[17:56] <OldFriend1> NewFriend from omaha? [17:56] <NewFriend> yep [17:57] <NewFriend> we met at the Big Omaha thing [17:57] <OldFriend2> ohhh [17:57] <OldFriend2> what did you think of gabe? [17:57] <NewFriend> well...its funny because I was sitting around a table with a bunch of people wearing dress shirts and then gabe walks up [17:57] <NewFriend> and I was like hey that guy looks cool [17:57] <NewFriend> much cooler than these other people [17:58] <NewFriend> then I saw the plugs in his ears and I was like, awesome! [17:58] <OldFriend1> like hearing aids? [17:59] <OldFriend2> big ass holes in his ears [17:59] <NewFriend> except these had little circuit boards on them [17:59] <OldFriend1> people still wear those plugs? [17:59] <Gabe> SEE GUYS I'M COOL

This post will be continue to be referenced when the need arises to convince someone that I'm rad.

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Gabe Kangas

May 12, 2009