Welcome to the New Face of Gabe

Real-ity.com has a long standing history.  One that I don't take lightly. "Gabe's Digital Life v3.1337" at real-ity.com was born five or so years ago.  Before that it was another, much more simple blog.  And before that, collections of links.  This dating all the way back to 1997.  As my friend BobbyT once said, "I was blogging since it was just called updating a web site."

But with the culture of the internet as it is, I felt the need to change with it.  My moniker, Real-ity, is no longer how I need to be identified online.  Even though still a valid piece of my personality, Real-ity is no longer the public facing identity for me.

So this new website is me, Gabe.  And everything I do online will show up here.  Twitter, videos, music.  Not a ton different than the content that was available before, but I hope to make it a bit more accessible

I'm a little tired, and blabbing... but I felt the need when I came home tonight to blog and say a little something about this new piece o' web that I've claimed.

Thank you for checking it out.

Gabe Kangas

Apr 8, 2009