Tweetup #4

Omaha Tweetup #4 is over.  All together, not bad.  But certainly the curve his heading downward in the "coolness" chart. It seems as it gets more successful, in better venues, the less charm the event has.

The first tweetup had about 40 people there.  It's the first time I met a lot of great people.  Not only people I'd start following on Twitter for the first time, but people that are now friends of mine.  I can't say the same has happened at any of the other tweetups.

Last night there was so much space, so comfortable of a venue, that it's easy for people to stand/sit/hide in their respective groups.  You're not forced into a corner with strangers.  A part of the reason I initially started introducing myself the first time around is the fact that you look stupid standing by yourself in front of everybody.  Last night it was perfectly OK to be by yourself, nobody would notice.  And aside from the name tags (that some may not even be wearing), you could just be a normal Nomad frequenter.  You're not embarrassed into awesomeness.

Ideas to resolve this?  Food, of course.  Put up a table with snacks or pizza.  That gets people to all congregate around a single location in a venue and even by accident start talking to people.  And even though I really do like Nomad, it's a great place, it just had the feeling of a night out having drinks with friends.  Well, aside from the business card pushers anyway.

(Photos by @programmerman)

When the Tweetup came to an end for KT and I she came up with this crazy idea to pick up some stranger that she knew off of twitter and head to the 49r.  So we did.

I tweeted later "The tweetup isn't over, it's just not going on there anymore", and it was true.  We were having a blast.  KT eventually left and our new friend, the previously unfollowed by me, @kfred85, and I kept drinking and then went for pizza.  The night ended around 1:30am.

Tweetup?  meh.  Alternative Tweetup.  Rockin'.

On a side note, there needs to be a term for "alternative tweetup".  I don't know what that is.  AlternaTweetup is too long.  TweetAlt?  Twalt?

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Gabe Kangas

Apr 10, 2009