Alright, I'll Blog. Leave Me Alone About It.

It's a really exciting time right now. It's South by Southwest conference/festival time! And you know as well as I do what that means! Nothing.

I get really bitter this time every year. All the professional "consultants", "media experts", and "freelancers" all converge in Texas to talk about awesome things. While us lame kids with corporate jobs sit in our cubes and listen to them talk about how much fun they're having.

It's probably just jealousy. But I also think it's nothing more than a circle jerk. A circle jerk I'd love to go to. But unfortunately that's not my scene and not meant to be.

On the home front, there's plenty other stuff going on. I got to see Richard Dawkins speak the other day. That, in itself, was a mind blowing, possibly once in a lifetime experience. However, the situation around it set off nothing more than a chain reaction of events that led me to lose the person closest to me here in Omaha.

I won't go through details, but the self-realization surrounding my relationship with her became clear and I had to make decisions. I really, really wish it could be different. But I'll eventually move on, it'll just take a while. It's hard that the one special person i've had since I've moved here is now gone.

On the bright side of the week, I saw Har Mar Superstar last night. He put on an awesome show. Just really badass. It was full of new material that was great, I can't wait for his new album. Plus I hung out with him outside for a while just chatting. Turns out he comes to Omaha a lot and really likes it here. Cool.

Hope your week was better than mine. Stay r33t.

Gabe Kangas

Mar 13, 2009