Tweply - Since Nobody Talked Me Out of It

I was hoping someone would talk me out of another stupid idea.  Damn you all. So this is what you get.  An alpha thingy of Tweply.

No promises how well it'll work, but it should work ok.  It looks ugly.  Well.. actually it looks more like nothing.  That's how my design skills are.  Couple header tags, a center, some text and not close out the body.

Again, you have to give out your twitter password to use it.  But that's how all twitter app things work.  Hopefully they'll build an API that would allow 3rd party services login without having plain text credentials.  That'd be cool.

So try it out, use it for good things. Let me know any changes you'd like to see.

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Gabe Kangas

Feb 4, 2009