I'm Going to Make a Thing for Twitter

Anyone who knows me knows I'm addicted to Twitter.  I won't go into details of my love affair with the beautiful beast, but let's just say it's a pretty integrated part of my lifestyle work flow. However, there's things I wish it did that it doesn't do.  It's not very flexible.

For example, you can send tweets from people you follow to your phone via SMS, and that's a great feature.  But sometimes I only want things sent to my phone that I care about.  So you have two options.  When you make a tweet, and someone replies... you either don't see it while you're mobile, or you turn on mobile updates and see everything just in case someone replies to you. In my case the third option is to every once in a while check the mobile twitter site and see if anyone has said anything, but sometimes you may get a @message without expecting it... you won't know that even happened until you check the web site later.  All those options suck in my opinion.

So that's when I took it upon myself to build a service called "Tweply" that simply looks at your incoming tweets and text's them to you if it's something you're looking for.  That way you can tweet via sms, and get replies to that tweet via sms without being completely immersed, or completely shut out.

That's where the story should end.  Damnit.

But now I decided to turn it into a service tha others can use.  There's probably others that want to see just @replies to tweets they've sent as well when mobile.

I'm not planning on going crazy with this, but who knows.  The game plan is this:

Web page.  You put in your twitter credentials (sorry, but that's how twitter rolls... ).  You then put in what string you're looking for (generally will be @username, but whatever), and the method you want to be notified of it.  Eithier SMS or email.  I guess there will be a thing where you can turn it on and off too.  Every 5min or so you'll get a notification if someone replies.

However, there's still time for someone to talk me out of this.  Any takers?

Gabe Kangas

Feb 3, 2009