February Updates

This weekend I actually setup my music equipment for the first time since I moved here.  That's a big step.  I verified all my hardware works, all my files are there, and now I'm ready to finish an album five years in the making.  We'll see if I do.It's only February, but the spring concert season here in Omaha is getting scheduled.  Lots of tickets to purchase.  So far on my plate:

March 12: Har Mar Superstar March 21st: Bayside (I promised @schaft) March 25th: Ratatat March 31st: The Faint

Tweply is actively being used, by more than myself... how about that? mysql> SELECT count(DISTINCT username) FROM users; +--------------------------+ | count(DISTINCT username) | +--------------------------+ |                       11           | +--------------------------+ 1 row in set (0.09 sec)

I had to to go back to my SMS aggrigator service today and purchase more SMS outbound credits since the 400 I originally purchased were all used up.  But that means it's being used, but that also means it's not exactly financially supportible by myself.  I'll worry about that later like any good service.  I might just use Twitter direct messages instead of SMS.  That's free, but not as nice.

Gabe Kangas

Feb 11, 2009