And Now I Own an IPhone

As an avid mac enthusiast you probably just assume I've had an iPhone since the first version of the device was launched.  You'd be wrong.

I've been using a Treo650 on Sprint for many years.  Before that, the Treo600.  Before that a Treo 300.  When I started using a QWERTY phone T9 wasn't even invented yet.

My Treos over the years have been nothing less than a faithful companion.  PalmOS has let me select from a wealth of applications, both free and paid, that help me do anything I needed.  IRC, IM, better email than a blackberry (IMAP IDLE).  I used it as a time tracker when I was a consultant.  I used it as a Twitter device.  I used it for everything.  Games, tools, utilities.  SSH, FTP, RDP and VPN are all stupid acronyms that have been taken place within my Palm-based phones.

A few too many drops casued some of the keys on my Treo650 to finally give out.  I take my mobile devices seriously so the idea of having a broken yet usable phone didn't appeal to me.  It was time to make the jump.

Before I knew it I was on the Apple web site filling out a form.  They were getting me an AT&T account, I didn't have to set foot in anything branded with them... it was awesome.  I finished up the form online with it finally asking me what time i'd like to be at the Apple Store, I said 11:30.  I went durring lunch and they knew who I was when walking in the door.  "Can I help you?"  "Yes, I'm here for my iPhone."  "Oh you must be Gabe, we have everything ready for you."

A guy then walked through verifying everything I typed in online, took my credit card, and I walked out with an activated iPhone.  Done.  It was really that easy.

I'm still getting used to the thing.  It's not easy to type on.  But others got used to it, and so will I.  Now I just need a case for it.

Here's my iPhone home screen:

Gabe Kangas

Feb 19, 2009