Irregardless, It's Time to Cowboy Up

So I haven't blogged anything about my job since I've moved to Omaha I don't think.  Well, here's my first.Met our new "uber manager" today, or the manager of my manager.  Let me put it simply, i'm scared shitless.  I can't think of someone I can relate to any less.

For hobbies, it's Huskers football.  He also likes to fish and cook game.  He said the word "irregardless" and told us to "cowboy up".  I don't even know what "cowboy up" means and I refuse to google it.

He's pretty hardcore and has pretty rough expectations of our teams.  That's fine.  But seriously, I think he's the reason there's a sign on our building that says "firearms are not allowed here."  I think he'd use shotguns to threaten our lives.

He's the first guy in management I've ever met, anywhere, that has specificly told us not to go to him if there's an issue.  You can only go to your direct manager, and if you ever want to talk to him... you have to tell your management first to tell him that you're going to be talking to him.  I've never ever heard of anyone less accessible in my life.

I'm really not sure what to think.

Gabe Kangas

Jan 30, 2009