Happy 2009 Everyone

So it was brought to my attention by one of my tweeple friends that I haven't blogged, specifically about the "no meat experiment" recently.  Since before Christmas.  So here it is! Christmas was not fun.  And from now on i'm not going to celebrate it anymore.  Using vacation time to spend forced time with people i'm just not compatible with is just stupid to continue.  Guilt is not a "holiday spirit".  There's not much more to say about that.

However, Christmas was the first time I had unlimited meat choices to select from... and opted to have none of them.  I never mentioned it to anyone, I just didn't eat ham, or meatballs, or mini hotdogs, or anything.  I just stuck to everything else.  Nuts, veggies, cookies, pasta.  I just didn't care to have anything else.  I planned on eating at least the ham, but I just had no desire to when it came down to the execution of it.  Nobody but my Dad noticed, and that was for the best.  The last thing I wanted to talk about was removing meat from my diet and trying to justify myself.  Besides, I don't have a valid answer.

So now that I made it through Christmas... what next?

The first week back Cassie and I thought we'd do something crazy... go for Philly cheese steak sandwiches.  My first real time eating meat (aside from trying a piece of beef jerky once) and it didn't go as well as expected.  I got about half way through and I started feeling pretty lousy... my stomach was pissed.  I couldn't eat any more after that.  We had "light meat" on our cheeseburger pizza at the pizza shoppe last night and that was ok, but it was almost nothing.

People ask if i'm feeling any better or losing any weight.  No for both.  I had a bit where I felt pretty lousy at first, but I think my body was just going through a period of adjusting.  The stuff I relied on to live was removed.  But now, I feel the same as if I was eating meat, but I'm just a lot more frustrated when finding meals.  But maybe I just haven't given it enough chance.  I'll keep up with it until I don't want to anymore.

Kat took me to McFosters, an all meatless restaraunt and it was awesome.  You don't have to find something to eat.. you can eat anything.  It was nice to see and I'd like to go there often. My goal of being less red meat dependent I think has not come to fruition.  If I were to put meat back in my diet today it would be a flood of hamburgers and tacos.  For all I know i'd be worse than before and just binge on cow.

So that's that.  I still don't eat meat.  And I haven't died from it yet.

Gabe Kangas

Jan 9, 2009