Followup on Ingestion Tactics

Today is Thursday.  The 4th full day without any meat.  I'm sure it's by far the longest stretch of doing so in my whole life.  *maybe* i've gone a whole day without eating meat once.. maybe. But four days is nothing.  But I felt it was worth updating anyway.

The first couple days I didn't think anything of it.  Just started eating different foods.  Yesterday, day three, it hit me.  I wanted meat.  Maybe it's all mental, but I also wasn't feeling that well.  Not sick, but weak.  I talked to Kat and she asked what it is I have been eating.  Apparently the technique of replacing meat with tomatoes isn't going to work and explains my slight fatigue.  I currently have no protein in my diet and haven't had any for days.  I feel a little worse than I did yesterday, and I got a good night sleep and everything so I can only attribute it to that.  So it looks like I need to remedy this situation.

To go along with whatever it was I started feeling yesterday I also had my first meat craving.  Argh.  I wanted taco bell, I wanted wendys, I wanted everything.  It hit out of nowhere.  But I won't cave.  Oh no.  My guess the craving is because my body is pissed and requires something I refuse to put in it.  Anyone who said "I felt better the first week after removing meat from my diet" is lying.  They're a pretencious bastard who will try to make you feel bad for eating delicious murdered animals.  Don't listen to them.  mmmmm... murder. Went to dinner with Kat last night to Noodles & Company.  Awesome.  I think i'll eat there a lot.  Most everything is without meat, but you add whatever meat you want to it.  I had a delicious thing that I didn't even know what it was and I didn't even miss the meat.

My fear is by the time I think I'm done with the experiment and I should eat meat again... I won't want to.  Oh god, what am I doing?

Gabe Kangas

Dec 11, 2008