I Should Update More Often. Here's One.

Hello, friends.

No huge updates going on.  I've been trying to get everything in order here, to the best of my ability.  Unpacking boxes, putting things places.  Got my surround sound kicking in my livingroom with my AppleTV attached.  Have my two wireless networks running (802.11g and 802.11n as to not to share frequencies), and little by little going through clothes that are in boxes and putting them away.

I was wondering why it is I had so much clothes still packed away.  And then I realize, with 5 days a week at work... I don't wear many tshirts anymore like I used to.  In the Chicago office it was completely casual dress.  But here it's "business casual", so I bought all new clothes to work here. And in turn, my Super Mario shirts wait patiently to be worn again.

As for my social life here in the big O!, things are well on that front.  I've been spending a lot of time with a great girl, Kat.  She's been an amazing friend to me here and we have a lot of fun.  She is 100% geek, it's really cool to have someone around that gets all the references in that subculture.

My parents are trying to figure out when and how I plan on getting to the UP for Christmas.  Every option is a bad one.  There's drive 12 hours, or fly to Madison, WI to meet up with them, and then drive 7 hours, or attempt to fly from Omaha to Negaunee with a handful of transfers; with no promise you'll actually land in the UP.  Keeping in mind that every one of the "fly" options requires at least one transfer of stuff to another medium, and there will be Christmas gifts involved... that sucks.  So I guess i'll just drive.  It's the best of the bad options.  To be honest i'd be perfectly fine hanging out in Omaha for Christmas.  I really like this city and leaving it for the holiday feels like i'm not giving it a fair chance.  I fit in better here anyway, for the most part.

So tonight i'm hanging out with Kat, and at 23:00 I have some stuff to do for work.  And it's almost the weekend.  Huzzah!  Not that I have plans thus far, but I'm sure I'll keep busy.

Stay r33t.

Gabe Kangas

Nov 20, 2008