I Like Omaha

I just ventured to downtown Omaha. It's the area I haven't been to yet. I went off the beaten path and found the area I heard so much about called "Old Market". For a few blocks here, I don't feel like i'm in Omaha anymore.

I found a coffee shop with wifi here, and that's where i'm blogging from. Before this I went to a couple record stores. RECORD stores. With posters, and old vinyl, and all the kind of niche stuff you'd only see in chicago small independent shops. They have Omaha small independent shops, and I love it.

I really came to find food, but i'm so busy looking at all the awesome places I'll just have to get something to eat on the way back home.

Given all the shitty stuff that's going on with this move, I'm happy tonight.

Gabe Kangas

Nov 5, 2008