My Last Day at the Chicago Office

So today i'm saying my goodbye's at the Chicago office.  There's a get together after work today at a local pub and it seems like a decent amount of people are going to be showing up. Just got back a few ago from my last ROM coffee run.  My secret crush, Lilly, wasn't there, though.

My desk is clean, things are packed up for me to bring home... another chapter closed in the big book of relocation.

Tomorrow I have to finish packing.  That's primary goal #1.  I'm pretty much done anyway, but I'm being slightly paranoid about it.  If time allows I'm trying to piece together a Casey Tatum costume for Halloween tomorrow night.  If I can't, no biggie.  But I am going to go to Flat Top for dinner tomorrow and then hit a few of the Halloween hot spots.  I can't be out tooo late, though.  The movers will be there at 8am, and I need to be in tip-top, not hungover, shape.

But I guess everything is done.  Nothing more really to say.  I'll take some photos the next couple days with me and friends and then things begin anew in Nebraska.

Crazy.  Crazy awesome?

Gabe Kangas

Oct 30, 2008