Good Morning, Omaha

Was an exciting weekend to say the least.  Friday night I went out with Jess, who's introducing me to some great people.  Saturday and Sunday I met up with Jillian who's looking for apartments and is kind enough to let me tag along.  And Saturday night I went to a coworker's party that followed the Alcohol + Fire = Burning Things rule.  Here's the video!I have an application for one apartment, but that's it so far.  Everywhere is managed by companies that aren't open on weekends, so I'll probably get a slew of calls today and tomorrow.  I'm just not so sure I'll have time to see them all.  I put in a lot of calls, so I expect a lot of returns soon.  At the very least i'll turn in this one application for a duplex place and hope for the best.

Tonight i'm going to a show Jillian invited me to.  My first Omaha concert!  Cool!  I think i'm getting sick, though, so I better take care of myself.  If I have to i'll take some time off when I get home to pack and rest and get everything in order.  I think i'm a wee stressed.

Gabe Kangas

Oct 13, 2008