Chronicling My Time in Chicago #3

So I've been back now since Tuesday night. I can say it's slightly odd being back. I had a nice going away lunch with my old team Wednesday, and went out last night after work with some of the Chicago people for dinner and drinks.

I'm seeing more and more people moving on with their lives without me in it. Makes sense, and completely expected, but often hard to watch. People I would be spending more time with and be close to, but given the limited time it's easier just to let things move on by. I'm trying not to completely take this position on things, however. Saw Karen Thursday, seeing Garnet Sunday, seeing Missy Monday. On top of that I have quite the list of people that I also need to get in touch with, possibly for the last time, before I go.

13 days.

But, I got an apartment! The one I wanted, and it's pretty great. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk-in closet, and it's larger than my current one. I'm quite happy with that. If only for the fact I was quite worried I was going to go back to Omaha without a place to live.

I took Tuesday off. Figured a dedicated day to do whatever I need to do would be good. I may have to take another before I leave, we'll see.

What do I have for plans tonight? Nothing! Ack! I better change that.

Gabe Kangas

Oct 18, 2008