Apartment Hunting == Not Fun

Went out with Jillian today to look at apartments. She was really helpful. She's looking in the Dundee area just like I am. I'm not sure how i'd get anything done around here without all the helpful people i'm meeting! The last lady I talked to sounded about 10 years past death. She sounded like she didn't believe what company I worked for because she's lived here all her life, and she's never heard of it. She asked what they do. The real answer is "anything for enough money", but how do you explain a technology company to a 250 year old?

We left a lot of messages for places, and a couple appointments for tomorrow. A lot of the big rental companies aren't open on the weekend... and that really sucks for me. I guess if worst came to worst I'll have to take time out of the work day monday and/or tuesday to take care of it. This is my primary focus right now... I only have so much time.

In just a bit i'll be taking off to meet up with Boutcher, a cool guy at my company who's been a huge help to me, and then head over a party thrown by another company guy. Awesome. I'm a part of the in crowd!

I'll have to take pictures. But for now, I want coffee.

Gabe Kangas

Oct 11, 2008