Chronicling My Time in Chicagoland #1

Tonight I called my buddy Sean at Old Town Tatu to schedule my Illinois state tattoo. Tuesday night at 8pm. Not sure where it's going yet, or in what style... but he's an awesome artist, and i'll work with him on it. I just want to take Illinois with me when I go. I sent out a blast email (and myspace post) today to everyone letting them know of my time table. I hope to squeeze every bit of excitement out of this place before I go. And i'll try my hardest to blog it all.

Tonight I'm meeting up with Katie and Tracy at the Green Eye. Tracy used to live in Omaha, so i'm using her as a really helpful resource. Katie said Frank is going to go too, I'm excited!!

Tomorrow night I think i'm going to (shamelessly) meet up with Garnet to watch Desperate Housewives.

Oh speaking of Garnet.. her and I went to a sushi place last night. I actually had sushi, first time ever. It didn't really do it for me, but it was probably because I was petrified. But I did have a lot of fun, and we were both proud of me for trying it. I'd go again.

And since i'm throwing stuff in that i've been doing... last Sunday I went to the Hideout Block Party with Rachel and had a great time watching some great bands. Even saw 100 random people dressed as zombies do the dance from Thriller. You don't get that in Nebraska.

My first trip to Omaha is scheduled Oct 9th - 14th. They're getting me a corporate credit card, so that'll be really nice that I don't have to front any cash through this process.


Gabe Kangas

Sep 27, 2008