I Owe You All an Update

Hello, Internet.  I have a few topics to discuss, in no particular order. Ginny and I broke up.  I'm taking it pretty hard.

We were only together for comparitively a short time, but honestly it was an amazing time.  She took me by the hand and walked me through so many new things.  It went from me not understanding how someone could be a part of someone's life if they were married to integrating seamlessly into not just the life of one person, but the family of two.  I loved her dogs like they were my own, and I became close with her husband, Pat, who I found I had a lot in common with.

I'm not going to talk about how shitty I feel, or any of the details.  It's something i'll have to work through alone and hope that time will heal the wounds.  Just know this is very odd for me.  I'm usually one to bounce back from something like this, but it's different.  She's different.

Twelve people applied for the position I mentioned before.  Two got initial HR interviews.  I was one of the two.  Then I got a phone interview with the hiring manager.  And he likes me.  But honestly, I don't see why he wouldn't.  I feel like i'm interviewing to get my old job back, so i'd fit right in.  And i'm damn good at what I do, when it is "what I do".  My job now is not "what I do", so i'm not so good at it.

So what does this mean?  I think my time is limited in my current role.  All of management knows of my intentions, and I hope they're supportive.  It's pretty obvious that what my role has turned into has become something i'm not compatible with, so I have to move on.  I'll even be at the same company, so it should be easy for everyone.

All in all, there's a lot going on right now.  So I'm sure I can use anyone's support if you're willing to offer it.

Gabe Kangas

Aug 12, 2008