Place Sharp Tube. Insert Through Flesh.

Went and got my right ear "fixed" yesterday. I let it heal since the 2g hole through my lobe never was doing well. So i let it heal completely over a couple months, and yesterday my buddy Johnny over at Native Rituals said I'm good to have a go at it again.

I snapped a picture of the 4g needle. Calling it a needle, though, is really incorrect. It's a large tube with a sharp edge. It does not pierce. It tunnels. The flesh gets torn as it plows through it. And you hear it. Oh, you hear it.

Since phones take awful pictures, I apologize. But I thought I'd take a picture anyway. This is the 4g needle. Then a 2g taper was placed to stretch it. Hah!


Gabe Kangas

Jun 24, 2008