Happy Friday, Internet!

Hello everyone. Happy Friday, hope your week wasn't too awful.

I need to start making more new posts on my blog. Sometimes it's the only way people know what's going on, but I'm generally pretty bad at filtering out what's important and interesting and relaying that on to people. In my mind it's all boring and nobody cares but myself. But ever notice that's generally true? When someone asks "how was your day?" they're just being nice. If you actually started going into detail about how your day was they'd probably lose interest within seconds. It's the same thing when someone asks "so what do you do?" I'm always tempted to say "I work at McDonalds" since it's just easier, and the end result really wouldn't change much.

But I digress.

So guess what? I put in for a week of vacation. A full week. I don't know the last time I've ever, ever done that. So starting July 7th I'm off work. That's 10 days with the holiday and weekends. I'm excited to sit down with my music and really get some things done that I've been putting off. That and spending time with friends and all that kind of fun stuff. I'm really excited. I have no scheduled plans through though the whole thing, but I'm sure i'll fill it with good fun.

Tonight I'm going to Ginny's and meeting her friend Missy. GInny is making dinner and it'll be a good start to a weekend.

What else? Oh, I'll be going to see Too much light makes the baby go blind... after oh, many many years of wanting to see it. I never had anyone that would want to go see shows with me in the past, and I wouldn't go to something like that myself.

Work? Eh i dunno. Every day it's changing more and more. It's really a downer. I don't hate my job, and I like to think I'm good at my job.. or what my job used to be. But now it's turned into something else. Something I'm not so good at or care much about. It's now much more client focused, and that's just not my thing. I'm a systems guy. I do the plumbing and the electrical. I'm not so good at trying to lease the house and worry about if the new tenants are happy with their water pressure. Hows that for an analogy? Pretty good, huh? Coworker of mine keeps telling me to join the engineering team. It's slightly tempting, to be honest. But I think of development much like an art. When I work on projects that enable me to build something, it's me taking nothing and creatively building something. If It were my job, and I was told how to do it, when to do it, and why to do it... I think any excitement I'd have for building something would be gone. But it's something to think about. I don't know if that's a lateral step, a step up, or a step down. I really don't know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Gabe Kangas

Jun 27, 2008