I'm Someone's Bitch

So I went to lunch with an ex-coworker and current coworker Friday. It was an eye opening experience. To make it short, they made me realize all of the actual responsibilities that used any type of knowledge I have are being taken from me one day at a time. Instead being replaced by fucking bullshit monkey tasks.

The last thing I want to feel like when I wake up every morning is that I'm someone's bitch, doing things I don't believe in, and have no say in.

So I decided unless things change, unless I get away from this fucking cocksucking micromanaging asshole of a "manager", I'll be leaving the company once this project is complete (and I use up my vacation time).

It sucks. I really like the company. I really used to like my job. But I woke up one day and someone replace my position with another one (they're even going to change my title) and I'm not cool with it. So fuck 'em. Replace me with fucking monkey.

Gabe Kangas

May 12, 2008