Goodbye BME

I'm sad to say that things have changed with one of my favorite, and most inspirational blogs. The sole guy who has run Modblog (and all other associated BME properties) has had to transfer his ownership to someone else and leave the place.

BME, the de-facto location online for all things body modification related is a pretty important place for a lot of people. It's really the most educational blog that I read in the sense of people in the real world doing real things, and how it comes out... better or worse. It's not just photos of people putting holes in their heads. More importantly it's photos of people putting holes in their heads and the resulting story of how it went very, very wrong. And then everyone learns something from the experience. Sometimes it's silly stuff, like, i dunno, don't use rusty nails for piercing jewelry. But other times it's a true story of human body experimentation and how it comes out. Eyeball tattoos anyone?

For better, or worse, I know I wouldn't have goofy stuff embedded into my body if it weren't for this site. The galleries let you see what creative things people have done, and it's inspiring. After you're inspired, and you execute on your vision, then you upload your photo and start the cycle for someone else.

So I wish the best for BME, and Shannon who's given me doses of crazy body modification many times per day since I've followed Modblog.

I'll repost below for people who may not want to visit BME sites from work (don't blame you).

After a personally difficult legal dispute over BME, I’ve had to face the potentially insurmountable reality of being massively in debt, and I have chosen to transfer the business to Rachel (the details of this deal are sealed, so please don’t ask). Within the month my role at BME will come to an end, and new staff (made up largely of people who’ve been working on BME for some time as well) will be taking over. I will no longer be writing online about body modification, although I will be maintaining my regular blog and other projects of course, as well as working on several body modification book projects which I am eager to complete.

It’s definitely a very strange and mixed set of feelings, having run this site from the very beginning, over nearly a decade and a half. On one hand I’m very much looking forward to having the opportunity and time to paint and tackle new adventures, and on the other hand I will very much miss both the people and the subject in general that I came to know through BME. That said, when I grew up and fell in love with body modification — and later built BME — this was a very different and much more “outsider” culture, so maybe now, as not just tattooing but body modification as a whole enjoys unprecedented levels of popularity and acceptability, it is a good time to pass the torch on to a new generation. It’s my hope that they maintain the site in the spirit that it was begun, while taking on the challenges of a new environment.

I have very much enjoyed being a part of BME and I leave it with good memories. Thank you to everyone who’s been a friend of the site, and everyone who’s helped bring it to this point. I hope you’ve enjoyed my contributions — I know I’ve enjoyed yours — and I hope that you continue to enjoy what BME brings in the future.

See you in hell! :P


[From So Long And Thanks For All The Fish]

Gabe Kangas

May 15, 2008