Saturday Night @ Mannequin Nightclub

When you look back at something and realize you're lucky to be alive or not in jail, I suppose it's a worthy story to share.

So Ron and I made plans to hit up Mannequin Nightclub (mentioned as "the hottest new club in Chicago" by some dude there). We reserved a table for VIP bottle service.
We got to the club around 11:00pm and were really having a good time. I've never done VIP before in a big club, so it was nice to have our table and just hang out talking to people. At 11:18 we were at our table, and around 11:30pm we probably got our bottle and mixers.
12:08 we found our bottle of Grey Goose vodka was half empty when we came back to our table. Someone made themselves a really strong drink with our stuff. Ron complained that security let that happened. So in return they started bringing us rounds of shots to try and appease us. And these shots just kept on coming, and we were having a great time. (See photos)

IMG_0789.JPG IMG_0790.JPG IMG_0788.JPG

According to txt messages 2:50am showed me away from Ron and heading back to our table upstairs. When getting there I found we got a replacement full bottle of vodka, but I wasn't feeling well. Somewhere between 2:50 and 2:57 I threw up and was kicked out of the club. Probably by 3:00am I was passed out in a doorway on the side of the building. I'm sure I was resting well until an extremely large, bright light woke me up at 4:11am. It was the police telling me "this isn't a very good place to be sleeping." I fumbled for my phone and said "A friend is coming right now." Or I think I tried to say that, anyway. Who knows what came out. 4:31am the cops came back to ask "Is your friend still coming?". Of course nobody was coming, Ron since lost his phone in the club, and I was a mess.
By the time I found Ron hanging out randomly outside the club after the second time the cops came Grace had already convinced me to get a cab to her place. Best choice ever. At 5:03 we were at Grace's. I was alive, not in jail, and the night was over.
The next day I stopped at my office to get a spare set of apartment and car keys. My car was still valet parked somewhere, and no matter who I called I couldn't get any answer on how to get my car back. So we looked around for 45min around the club and finally found my car hidden away in a parking garage. Drove it out and back home. Success!
The following is selected snips of txt msgs from the night. Spelling was corrected to make it readable. Ron never got my messages, he lost his phone before this point.
2:50am txt to Ron: Went upstairs. Not feeling well. Full bottle of vodka.
2:57am txt to Ron: Just got kicked out. I'm outside.
4:11am txt to Grace: Cops just woke me up.
4:14am txt to Grace: Fell asleep on street.
4:31am txt to Grace: Cops just bugged me. (Yes, for the second time)
4:35am txt to Ron: Cold out. Friend having me over.
4:47am txt to Grace: Found Ron. Coming too.

Gabe Kangas

Apr 14, 2008