PandoraFM Defaced Yesterday

Yesterday morning PandoraFM was defaced.

A hacker, not unknown to me from the past, put up some pretty graphic text on the front page of PandoraFM about me. Things i'd never say were posted up, along with mention of contacting "my girlfriend" and family as well. Except I don't have a girlfriend. And the photo he had up was extremely old, certainly not one i'd ever use.

I got ahold of the guy on IRC and talked to him for a bit. He said it was nothing personal. I don't really understand that completely. I mean, I've done some things to people online in the distant past that were pretty mean and I'm sorry I did. It was rarely personal, and all for the thrill. It's the anarchy of the "old Internet". Those who don't understand probably never will. Seeing the web site defacement almost made me chuckle (almost). A taste of nostalgia. I suppose in the end it was no harm done, right?

I'm sure I sound crazy with my "no harm done" talk, since he made personal attacks against me. And i'd probably be a lot more upset about it if he wasn't willing to virtually sit down with me and explain that he had nothing against me. He told me he'd leave me alone from now on, and I'll take him on his word.

Like someone mentioned, it's almost slightly flattering.

Lastly, someone asked if any passwords were compromised on PandoraFM. The answer is absolutely not. Passwords are not stored within the system and only passed along for temporary use when you log in. I mean, you can never say that the guy wasn't sniffing traffic or something... who knows. But there's no storing of passwords in PandoraFM and no way for him to get any kind of dump of credentials ever used.

I apologize for the down time yesterday and I hope things will stay quiet.


Gabe Kangas

Feb 8, 2008