What I Don't Want in a Girl

So my buddy Joe at work sent me a link to The Lincoln Park Chad Society web page today. This is the best thing ever. Now no longer do I have to try and explain to people what I would like to see in a girl that i'd want to date. Instead, I can just show them this... what I don't want to have in a girl!

Amanda is a 25 year-old marketing manager for a major firm in downtown Chicago. She resides around the quaint intersection of Sheffield and Webster in the Village.

7:10 AM Wake up, shower, change, change again, change purses.

7:50 Pickup wheat bagel with easy cream cheese, bottle of water at CBA on Armitage.

8:10 Wait for inbound Brown Line train.

8:20 Continue to wait for inbound Brown Line train.

8:22 Crowd onto train. Scout for cute Chads that might be seen later around Franklin and Madison.

8:40 Pickup a Venti at Starbuck’s in order to get charged for the day.

9:00 Shop for purses on eLUXURY.com and nordstrom.com.Amanda

9:20 Answer some phone calls, email back the graphic designer telling him to go with the blue color scheme since it is more “fresh” for spring.

10:30 Email the girls to see where lunch will happen.

11:45 Meet up with Veronica for a Caesar wrap tortilla (easy dressing) at Goodwin’s.

1:00 PM Marketing meeting. Color schemes: blue vs pink (they don’t get it, blue is the new pink). I took some notes on my Steno pad, but was distracted by Brian the majority of meeting. My notes consisted of ”blue > pink” and ”Amanda + Brian + BMW”.

3:00 Marketing meeting. Web design demo. The web designeres showed up some new mockups of the website. All in all good, but how come it took them a week to do it!

4:30 Email the girls about getting dinner and drinks.

6:00 Leave the office, laugh at the suburban people that are rushing over the river to catch their trains to head back to small towns that I have never heard of.

7:30 Meet up with Jenny and Ashley at Enoteca Piattini for a light dinner and half price wine.

7:46 Give Veronica advice to take the $24,000 position at Deloitte since it will get her foot in the door.

8:20 Greg drives by our outside table in his Mercedes.

8:23 Greg parks on Bissell, comes up to our table with his (fake) platinum blonde girlfriend of the week and attempts to be social.

8:30 Order another glass of white wine - hey, it’s half price.

9:00 Debate about going to Kinkade’s for another drink.

9:10 At Kinkade’s for another drink.

9:15 Scope out the main floor, downstairs, upstairs, upper back.

9:20 Giggle and flirt with a few Chads to make Greg jealous.

9:30 Walk up Sheffield and head home to get a good night sleep for tomorrow’s marketing meetings.

Gabe Kangas

Jan 23, 2008