Hello Weekend

Hello bloggy blog. I haven't really had a lot of time to post an update lately. But I always say that, and so do most people with blogs.

This is the first weekend in a while where i'm at home. I've been spending a lot of time off doing stuff. Last weekend, believe it or not, I was in Racine for the Kilties banquet. Dawn invited me to go with her, and I used the opportunity to donate my uniform back to the corps. It's been sitting in my closet since 2004 when I last marched. But time heals and I think things between me and the corps are much better now.

Being at their rehearsal on Sunday made me really want to march again. It's so easy when there to think that's something I should do. Everyone telling you that you should march, and seeing everyone with their instruments. At more than one point I almost caved and signed up. But I know with my job it's not a good idea, and I really would be giving up all this freedom that i've come to enjoy these past months. I still need to do my own thing before I agree to be part of someone else's larger vision. It would be great to be under the direction of Scott Stewart, though. He rocks. It was a real honor to meet him in person at the banquet. Dawn laughed at my giddy schoolgirl approach at meeting a drum corps legend.

Speaking of Dawn, we've been spending a lot of time together even though she moved to Michigan. It's only 2hrs away, so it's not a huge deal. It's not much different than driving up to the Northern suburbs. I drove her home from the banquet last weekend. Due to bad weather I stayed there Monday and just worked remotely. Had a lot of fun with her and her roommate, Ron. We hung out while Dawn slept sunday night, was a good time.

Today I have a list of things to do. Laundry, clean apartment, and work on music. I already placed a big order through drugstore.com in order to blow some of my flex spending cash I have left. Lots of cough drops, claritin, and other random stuff i'm sure i'll need throughout the year. So i'm stocked up for a while.

Gabe Kangas

Dec 8, 2007