Wild Dream Last Night

So I had a dream last night. Really odd one.

I dreamt that I had some control over a robot. Like a big, crazy, Voltronesque robot. But nobody knew about it, even though it was huge. And I controlled it via a unix shell.

There was someone, and i'm not sure who.. or why, but I wanted them dead. And I found out they were flying on a plane. So I told my robot to grab the plane (with it's hands. yes, the robot is that big), and throw the plane into space. Everyone on the plane died. Then I turned myself into the police.

The police were happy to see me turn myself in for the death of the one person I admitted to, but I never admitted to the rest of the people who died on the plane, nor would I explain that I had a robot, or how I did it.

It was at this point in the story I realized I had something I needed to finish at work. So the cops drove me to work and sat by my desk as I finished up a few things before they escorted me directly to prison. No trial, no courts. Directly to jail.

And in my cell is where my dream ended.

Crazy, eh?

Gabe Kangas

Nov 1, 2007