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Hello friends.

I've been quiet lately. And for that, I apologize. Not a ton has been going on, but enough.

Work has been really busy lately. I've become what people like to call "important" due to all the projects going on, and my knowledge on the subjects required. Lots and lots of meetings. More than I'd like. I have more work on my plate than I can sometimes handle, but i'm totally cranking through things. I'll be a rockstar if I can come through with everything.

I've been working on music again the past couple weeks. And as a lazer day gift (was on the 7th) I gave everyone three of my new songs. Feel free to go listen to them yourself. I hope you like them. More to come soon. Can't wait for everyone to get their hands on the new album.

On a whim last week I met up with Dawn, who marched in the Kilties with me, and was also in the Americanos after I marched there. We've talked over IM plenty over the 4 or so years we've known each other, but never met up at any point. She told me that she was moving from IL back to Michigan soon, so if we were going to go hang out we had to do it soon. So last Saturday we made plans to go out that night. I must say, we had an amazing time. I had no idea we had so much in common when it comes to music, technology, computers. She's a geek. How about that? I had no idea we'd hit it off, but we did. She's moving a couple hours away, but we certainly want to see each other again soon.

Hope all is well with everyone else, and hope everyone had a great lazer day.

Gabe Kangas

Nov 9, 2007