My Poor, Poor Car

Man, things are bad. Real bad.

So like my last post said, my car got towed, and I wasn't sure exactly why. Something to do with my temporary license plate on it. There's two options: 1) The plate was stolen and the car was ticketed and towed due to having no plate on the car. Or 2) There was an incorrect plate on the car, registered to someone else, and when a cop looked it up had the car towed because it was wrong and possibly stolen.

Upon going to the city of chicago car pound last night I received this piece of paperwork stating what the problem was.

It says I owe $500 for an "altered plate". They described altered plate as a date was changed, or I have a plate registered to another car. When I went to check out my car, the plate wasn't on there at all.

Altered plate, but it wasn't there at all.

So today I talked to a really nice officer who looked up my car, and saw my plate number (that i called my dealership to get) wasn't in the system for an altered plate, she couldn't find my plate number at all. Had to find it via VIN. She said the plate was confiscated by the police when it was towed. So that seems like a valid answer. Except, when I went back to my car to get the ticket the ticket doesn't say it was an altered plate at all. In fact, the ticket says I got ticketed for "missing plate", and I owe $50.

How can I get told two completely different answers? One says my plate was missing, and that's why it was ticketed.. but not towed. Another says it was towed because I had a plate and it was incorrect.

To make it worse when I got to my car to get the ticket, the driver's side window was smashed in. Last night when I was there it wasn't. Now my window is totaled. So not only do I not have my car, it's being attacked while impounded.

So I got the information off the ticket who called in my car and ticketed it originally. The nice police officer who helped me out on the phone gave me the actual name of the person who called it in, and said I can call them at 10 pm tonight when they start and I can ask any questions I have.

We'll see how that goes. This is not going well.

Gabe Kangas

Oct 4, 2007