What a Day

It was a sad day today. All in all I like most of the people I work with in my office. A few exceptions, and once i've mentioned before. But all in all, I think most everyone are good people and pretty smart.

By around 10am this morning I hated them all.

It was upsetting I was letting everyone get to me. But I'm not a people person. I like to sit in my cube with my nose to the monitor and get things done alone. I don't like talking to people. But from the second I walked in this morning at 7am it was my personal hell. I just can't deal with it. If I was on my meds I probably would have dealt with it better, but I wasn't doing well at all.

And Eric spent most of the day at his desk, too busy to stand up and help because he's just that much more important than Joe and I.

But yeah, it was a really bad day at work today. Everyone yelling at everyone else. Everyone blaming everyone for everything. Nothing working, and everyone claiming themselves as highest priority for any number of reasons. I seriously wanted to hurt them all. Hurt them badly. I hate when people feel they're better than everyone else and try to pull shit. "Well I have a meeting", "well I really need to get this to", "well i'm probably the most important to get working right now because". It's terrible. The corporate environment brings out the worst in people, and that brings out the worst in me. And bringing out the worst in me brings out people getting thrown down the stairs.

On the bright note, after a few phone calls I got my doctor to call in a script for my meds. I'll be picking them up in the morning. This circus should soon come to an end.

Gabe Kangas

Sep 13, 2007