Good Day (I Hope)

Today is our company outing. We're getting lunch, going on a boat cruise on the Chicago River, and then food and drinks at a bar & grill. As long as nothing breaks before noon, we'll actually be able to go this time. Last time was cancelled due to production issues we had to tend to.

So who else saw that Apple announcement yesterday? Everyone, right? Man oh man oh man. That iPod touch will be mine. Multitouch, wifi, Safari??? It's more than I ever expected from the rumored touch screen iPod. If not the iPod touch i'd love to also get an iPod Fatty (nano), or the updated Classic. My iPod is a G4 iPod Photo, and i've been waiting for this day to refresh it. But i'll have to save up a few bucks in order to do that. An exciting few months for my precious Apple. iPhone, new iPods and next month OS X 10.5, Leopard. I'm really looking forward to Leopard probably more than anything else.

Another great moment that should take place today is ekpneo getting his Treo! Wohoo! I shipped him the Treo 700p that the ex gave me when we got divorced. I certainly don't want it, and it's not worth selling it, as used phones are worth $0. So this is really the best of both worlds, I don't have to hold on to it, he gets to have it. He'll be able to IRC from anywhere now, and i'm excited for him.

Hope the rest of the week is quiet for everyone.

Gabe Kangas

Sep 6, 2007