Ahh, the Weekend

So the weekend is soon upon us. And i'm glad to see it. It's been a really long week.

My parents invited me up to see them this weekend, but i'm just too tired. Not to mention I should be doing laundry and cleaning my apartment, all that fun stuff. But mostly I'm just exhausted to go anywhere and do much.

I got paid today, so I went grocery shopping. Spent about $100 in food, so that's good. When I have food that means i'm not going out to get it elsewhere and hopefully i'll end up saving money. I got a lot of pizza products. I love pizza.

There's this cat I see sometimes when I come home from work. It sits in the parking lot and watches me come in. Anytime I try and get close it runs away. I wanted to give it something today, but I didn't know what. On TV they always give cats bowls of milk, so I did that. I'll see tomorrow if it came to have any. I'd totally bring in the cat if I could get to it, but it always runs away when I get close. It just likes to watch from afar and then hide in the woods.

I watched the 1986 Transformers movie tonight. It's pretty funny, but good. Watched The Wizard last night. The one about Nintendo games. Actually, i've been watching a ton of movies lately. Sometimes two a night. I'm pretty lame.

Gabe Kangas

Sep 14, 2007