Why Haven't I Posted?

So I haven't posted since Lollapalooza. If you didn't see the photos, you may not have even known I had gone at this point. I'll make that rundown quick. Daft Punk was a life changing, unbelievable experience. It was the show of shows. Read any review of lolla for Friday and you'll only hear the same thing over and over. Amazing.

!!! on Sunday took 2nd place in putting on a great show. I really liked hearing the new tunes, including Heart of Hearts, and seeing the new vocal addition to the band. They put on a really powerful performance and had the crowd drawn in the whole time.

I missed half of Ghostland Obvservatory's set on Friday due to showing up a bit late, but they put on the same show as always. I really like them. Hope to see them again soon. Powerful, danceable tunes.

LCD Soundsystem, after me talking about them non-stop for like two+ years I finally saw. And to be honest, kind of a let down. Not all they are cracked up to be live. And that's ok. They come off as a really good rock band with some synth's in person. They lose some of the energy in person, but I was still really happy to finally see them.

Also saw Satellite Party, who put on a good set with Perry singing Jane's Addiction and Porno for Pyros cover songs mixed in with their originals. Sound Tribe Sector 9, who sounds like a MIDI file. CSS didn't show due to a missed flight, that really sucked. Cold War Kids, who I knew would be a snooze... were a snooze. M.I.A. can rock a house. Patti Smith, even though she's like 100 can still be pissed and sing songs about it to a lot of people who want to hear her. It was a good set, and I'm glad I got to see her. Interpol put on a really clean show. It was nothing special, but the music was good and as a crowd we were into it. Amy Winehouse, I really didn't like. But I knew I wouldn't. And I mixed in watching sets of Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Flosstradamus, Apostle of Hustle, TV on the Radio... and many more.

I didn't see Pearl Jam. After three days, and everyone wanting to go see one single band all at once at the end of it all, I just wasn't interested. If you were there you really wouldn't blame me.

I was going to post about other things other than Lollapalooza too, but I think this is enough for right now. Maybe later?

Gabe Kangas

Aug 10, 2007