The Best Survey Ever

(Reposted from something I posted on MySpace)

I never do surveys. But I thought now would be a good time.

However, this one has got to be good. Nay, not good. This has to be the best survey ever.

Do you want to know what shirt I'm wearing right now? The last person I talked to on the phone? Current crush? My favorite color? The age I was first kissed?

Then, friends, dig through your "Forwards" folder. Look at bulletins your friends have completed. Did it make you chuckle, cry, or jump and say "Wow!"? Then send it along to me. Maybe i'll take bits and pieces from each. Maybe i'll just chose one. Maybe i'll be completely disappointed with what you send me and end up doing absolutely nothing.

You can help me on this mission. The best survey ever. Can it be done?

Gabe Kangas

Aug 28, 2007