Car Situation

I had a few options.

Option 1) Refinance and keep the Scion. It turns out that's a very difficult option, because anyone that refinances also wants both names on the original loan to stay on the refinanced one. So that sucked.

2) Trade in my Scion and get a new car in order to start clean.

3) Drop the Scion off in Kelley's driveway, since it's just as much hers as it is mine and have her deal with it.

Most people found option #3 to make the most sense. I agreed. However, I figured i'd take the high road and save her some money from having to contact her attorney again. I had enough fun with that the first time. Wait, she's quite wealthy now after her windfall. Damn. I missed out on some potential fun!

Oh well. So the last remaining option was to grab a new car. So I did. 2007 Chevy Aveo. It has an Aux in jack for my iPod, and that's probably the best feature. Oh, that and it has two aux power jacks, and the Scion only had one. That means I can plug more crap in. That's important.

See below for photo of the model. Mine is in black.

Gabe Kangas

Aug 31, 2007